?In the office where you work, there is a problem with the computers.
?Write an email to Bob Hargreaves, the IT engineer at your company:
?saying which office you work in
?describing what is wrong with the computers
?requesting repairs as soon as possible.
?Write 30-40 words on your Answer Sheet.




1Man has long wanted to fly. He saw birds, envied them and tried to imitate them. Over the ages, countless attempts were made: men constructed wings, fastened them to their arms and legs and jumped off towers and hilltops. These 'bird-men' flapped (拍動) their wings for a short space of time and then fell to the ground.
【B1】What was not realized in those early years was that birds have muscles very much stronger, in proportion to their size, than men. Human limbs cannot provide sufficient strength to lift the body off the ground.【B2】The secret of flight did not lie in the making of wings, but in discovering the right kind of power, and how to use it.
In the 18th century, the invention of the hot-air balloon by the Montgolfier brothers of France was seen as a great step forward,【B3】But balloons and the cigar-shaped airship, which was invented slightly later, did not solve the problem of flying because they had no means of power or control. So the difficulty remained: a true flying machine which was heavier than air and capable of carrying people was still to be invented.【B4】Experiments were carried out in many countries, sometimes with models driven by steam engines, but these were too heavy to be used in an airplane with a pilot. The answer finally came at the beginning of this century with the invention of the internal combustion engine (內燃機)--the kind used in motor cars. Here at last was a powerful, yet comparatively light engine, driven by petrol and capable of being fitted into an airplane.
In 1903, two Americans, the brothers Wilbur and Orville Wright, flew a powered airplane for the first time. Their success encouraged designers everywhere.【B5】Although there were now newer, different problems, mainly to do with safety and the training of pilots, progress was rapid. These were exciting days and interest was intense. The age of airplane arrived.
What was not realized in those early years was that birds have muscles very much stronger, in proportion to their size, than men.

Directions: Translate the following text into English.

10聽力原文:Man: Gold Express. Jim Davenport.
Woman: Morning. This is Anna Marsh from Business Review. You said you'd give me some infor mation for the article I'm doing on delivery companies.
Man: Ah yes...
Woman: So, when did 'Gold Express' start doing business?
Man: Well, it had been in business for 10 years when I joined it in 1986, so that means it was set up in 1976.
Woman: I see. And what's your annual turnover?
Man: £118 million last year - that's £12 million more than the year before.
Woman: That's fantastic.
Man: Most similar companies have only grown by 8 to 9% in the last 5 years, but our business has grown by 54% in that time. I think that's due to our MD, Peter Mackintosh. That's spelled M-A-C-K-I-N-T-O-S-H. He's done a great job.
Woman: What ideas has he brought to the company?
Man: Well, first a very positive attitude to customer opinion. We have 120,000 customers, and we send questionnaires to 4,000 of those every 8 weeks.
Woman: That must be very useful for you.
Man: And we encourage all our staff - there are 7,500 now, because we've taken on another 450 this year - to give opinions too.
Last month 76% of staff said they were 'totally satisfied' with their work here - that's 10% more than last time!
Woman: That's great, thanks.
?Look at the notes below.
?Some information is missing.
?You will hear an interview between Anna Marsh, who works for a business magazine, and Jim Davenport, who works in the publicity department of a company, Gold Express.
?For each question 9-15, fill in the missing information in the numbered space using a word, numbers, or letters.
?After you have listened once, replay the recording.
Interview notes
Started in: (9) ______
Most recent turnover: (10) ______
Growth over 5 years: (11) ______%.
Managing Director: Peter (12) ______
Total number of customers: (13) ______
Number of employees: (14) ______
Recent staff questionnaire showed: (15) ______ % enjoyed their work.